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The human body is a functioning electromagnetic system. We are bombarded by fields so much more powerful than those actually generated by our own bodies. The research of induced electromagnetic disturbances on the body is a field of study that needs much more support.

This site has been created to increase the awareness and use of vibratory tools to help offset these disturbances to ourselves - and the planet itself.

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A One Day Workshop with Virginia

Join us for a workshop on the Applications of the Slim Spurling Light-Life® Tools for Personal and Global Awareness

Sunday October 15th, 2017, 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Center For Natural Wellness, Colonie, NY - $55

Virginia is available for workshops and talks to share her knowledge of the Light-Life® tools and how they can benefit us and the planet.

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I attended Virginia's class to explore an aspect of healing I had experienced as a client but knew little about. Though it was a humbling experience to feel like the least informed of the students, Virginia has a unique ability to meet each person at their level of understanding. She created a welcoming, inclusive opportunity to learn. Along the way, practical wisdoms were shared which I could apply to everyday life. As a nurse I was often seeking ways to be of service to others. What a delight to also learn self care. I am drawn to Virginia's commitment to facilitate healing and balance for self, clients, the environment and society. She lives the work, while inviting others to join her.
- Myrna Denison, RN, Albany, NY

Virginia was invited to share her thoughts on the Holistic Health blog at timesunion.com about the dangers of cell phones and other wireless devices. Click here to read the article.