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The Light Life ® Rings

Each ring creates a tensor field as wide as its circumference and extends above and below this surface. Large rings can be used as an aid in meditation and clearing energy fields. All rings can be placed on the body for healing as well as around glasses of water, food, faucets and plants for revitalization.

The science represented in the ring technology is both ancient and modern. The Sacred cubit length of 20.6" is the controlling factor in their construction. It is the 'yardstick' used in building the Great Pyramid. The Lost cubit is a bit larger than the Sacred cubit. This measurement is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial circumferences of the earth divided into the speed of light. The New cubit base measurement is 10% larger than the Lost cubit.

The Sacred Cubit (below) seems to impact three dimensional, or physical conditions. This length carries specific frequencies or wavelengths that embody a spiritual code, providing resonance with a desired spiritual quality.

Various Sacred Cubit Rings

(Shown above: Sacred Cubits - from the inside: 1 copper, 'plain jane' - no beads; 1-1/2 copper w/3 beads; 2 copper w/3 beads.

Sacred Cubit Ring

(Shown above: 1 Sacred cubit, copper, 'plain jane' - no beads)

Sacred Cubit Ring w/beads

(Shown above: 1-1/2 Sacred cubit, copper w/3 beads) 

Sacred Cubit Ring

(Shown above: 1/2 Sacred cubit, copper, "Plain Jane' - no beads)

Sacred Cubit Ring w/beads

(Shown above: 1/2 Sacred cubit, copper, 24K gold plated, w/3 beads)

Ring Winding (closeup)

(Shown above: this is a closeup of the ring winding design)

Sacred Cubit (SC) Rings Available for Purchase in our online store


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The Lost Cubit (below) has a natural resonant frequency of 177 MHz and a measurement of 23.49". Whatever we think becomes real. Our thoughts, our consciousness creates a field. The ancients knew this. The lost cubit has to do with physical longevity. It may contribute to the DNA's ability to change at will.

Lost Cubit Ring

(Shown above: the 1 Lost cubit ring - copper, 'plain jane' -  no beads)

Lost Cubit Ring

(Shown above: the 1/2 Lost cubit ring - copper, 'plain jane' - no beads)

Lost Cubit Ring

(Shown above: 1 Lost cubit, heavy copper gauge, 24K gold plated - no beads).

Lost Cubit (LC) Rings Available for Purchase at our online store

Lost Cubit Ring Sizes

(LC=Lost Cubit)
1/2 LC = 4.0 inches
1 LC = 7.5 inches
1-1/2 LC = 11 inches
2 LC = 15.0 inches
3-1/2 LC = 26.2 inches

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The Empowerment Cubit (below) seems to support mental clarity as well as enhance healing on all levels. The Empowerment Cubit has a natural resonance frequency of 188 Mhz and its measurment is 28.85748".

Empowerment Cubit gauges

(Shown above: the Empowerment cubit thin and thick winding gauges)

Empowerment Cubit Ring w/beads

(Shown above: 1-1/2 Empowerment cubit, gold plated, w/7 beads)

Empowerment Cubit Ring w/beads

(Shown above: 1/2 Empowerment cubit, copper, 24K gold plated, w/7 beads)

Empowerment Cubit (EC) Rings Available for Purchase at our online store

Empowerment Cubit Ring Sizes

(EC=Empowerment Cubit)
1/2 EC = 4.2 inches
1 EC = 8.5 inches
1-1/2 EC = 12.7 inches
2 EC = 17.0 inches
3-1/2 EC = 28 inches


Personal Harmonizers© are worn on the body to improve the biofield of the wearer. It sets up a light field in, around and through-out the body and can impact a person on many levels. I suggest starting slowly so your body-mind adjusts to the higher forms of light frequencies being introduced. This way it is done at a manageable pace. They are powerful tools of change.

I have seen many people become much "lighter" (including myself) as the chaos in the field is cleared. It can involve some "work" as one grows and I personally love the support and expansion from wearing a Personal Harmonizer©.

All Personal Harmonizers© come with a 1/2 cubit ring so you can shut the field down when you desire to. The ring can be used for other purposes when the body has adjusted to the harmonizer and is worn constantly.

Lost Agricultural Harmonizer©
Sacred Environmental Harmonizer©
Lost Personal Harmonizers©
Sacred Personal Harmonizers©

Harmonizers© Available For Purchase

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Other Tools

Seed of Life (heavy gold plated)
Acuvac Coil, standard, copper, 24K gold plated
Nose Mask (copper-shown)
Water Potentizer. This configuration uses a ring, feedback loop and acuvac coil.
Standard Feedback Loop (sacred cubit), 24K gold plated
Acupressure Tool

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"In The Mind Of A Master" a book by Susan Anderson with Slim Spurling
The author, Martin Blank, is one of many scientists who did studies showing the positive effects of Tecno protection (CMO products). His book is "Overpowered"

Cellular Phone and Computer Protection

CMO Products

The CMO products are effective biocompatible devices, protecting against the harmful signals emitted by cellular phones. The company uses patented CMO (Compensatory Magnetic Oscillators) technology, which maintains biological equilibrium and has been scientifically proven to reduce electromagnetic stress caused by these frequencies. This technology is based on statistics showing that alpha waves (emitted by the brain while relaxing or meditating) enhance the immune system. The CMO products contain a frequency imprinted solution that provides similar support, conducting positive energies to the immune system in a biologically friendly manner. The cellular phone CMO also works with bluetooth devices. The disc attaches with adhesive backing. Please inquire if you would like a 50 page report on the scientific studies backing this technology.
The CMO MP24, for cellular phones, bluetooth and other portables
The CMO PC16, for computers

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